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Armorgalv Division of Agritek provides Armorgalv™ thermal diffusion galvanized coatings on a broad variety of stampings, forgings, castings and threaded fasteners. Agritek Industries is a diversified manufacturer of engineered metal products including engineered stampings, precision machined components, wire forms, and tube forms, welding, fabrication and assembly, in production volumes. Agritek is ISO 9001 certified.

Martin Straus
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Located in Elk Grove Village, IL, Chem-Plate is an ISO 9001 ISO/TS 16949/2002 company with full Metallurgical Hardness, Cross Section, Salt Spray and Torque Tension (C of F) A2LA approved laboratories. Chem-Plate’s ArmorGalv® capabilities are geared towards stampings, forgings, castings and especially, threaded fasteners. Chem-Plate’s various dip/spin equipment provides for ArmorGalv® to be supplied in BLACK and in other colors in addition to its natural grey finish.

Gavin Frase
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Kortick Manufacturing is an award-winning, domestic producer of pole line hardware based in Hayward, California. Since 1898, Kortick Manufacturing has produced pole line hardware for power and communications utilities.

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Since 1948, SPIROL has been a technical resource that provides high quality components that improve the quality of your assembly, extend the life of your products and reduce your manufacturing costs. We are the leading global manufacturer of engineered fasteners, installation machines, and parts feeding equipment producing over two billion components annually. In addition to high quality products, SPIROL has Application Engineers throughout the world to assist you in your designs, supported by state-of-the-art manufacturing centers and global stocking facilities to simplify the logistics of delivering your product. SPIROL has been an ArmorGalv® licensee since 2016.

Henrik Clasussen
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For over 50 years the BENSELER Group's partner for sophisticated solutions in the fields of coating, surface finishing, deburring and shaping of serial parts. Our core processes we develop continuously, enhancing it with upstream and downstream services. We coat, paint, deburring and clean the parts in particular from the automotive industry, medical technology and electronics industry. In conjunction with quality, process reliability and system partnerships we create a service real value. Eight locations in Germany provide the proximity safely to our customers. Benseler has been an ArmorGalv licensee since 2012

Christian Nyman
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ArmorGalv Australia is a dedicated ArmorGalv plant that has been providing ArmorGalv protection, in Australia, to industries from Marine construction and shipping to mining, Automotive and road side signs. ArmorGalv Australia has been a licensee since 2010

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Hubbell Power Systems, a division of Hubbell Utility Solutions, is a global manufacturer of products and engineering services that support utilities, municipalities and industrial organizations as they build, maintain and modernize critical infrastructure.

Zvi Ben Zvi
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Atomic Alloys is an ArmorGalv licensee that has a wide-ranging capacity to process various parts, including the most sophisticated and demanding applications in various industries. The company’s location in Houston make it an ideal Armorgalv service center for the oil and other industries in the southern USA.

ArmorGalv® Thermal Diffusion - Environment-friendly, cost effective corrosion protection - licensed by Distek N.A LLC

The ArmorGalv® technology is an environment-friendly process that offers superior corrosion protection and wear resistance as well as anti-galling properties. Following are some highlights of the ArmorGalv® technology which is, in fact, a modern, greatly improved, version of the well established Sherardizing zinc/iron diffusion process:

ArmorGalv® is not merely a sacrificial coating. By diffusing zinc atoms into steel, it creates layers of zinc/iron alloy on any steel part, including wrought and/or forged steel, castings, powdered metal (with no impregnation required!), and all grades of stainless steel, to create a surface that is:

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