ArmorGalv® Products

Got Rust? Get ArmorGalv

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Armorgalv plant

Kortick Mfg ArmorGalv shop

Armorgalv protects Pole line hardware line

Pole line hardware across the US is protected with ArmorGalv

ArmorGalv on Mercedes

Mercedes uses ArmorGalv

Armorgalv protects High voltage switches

ArmorGalv replaces stainless steel and HDG on high voltage switches

ArmorGalv protected 115 KVA insulators

Armorgalv protects critical power utility gear

ArmorGalv protects Cat earth movers

ArmorGalv protects a significant amount of equipment and parts on Earth moving machines

ArmorGalv protects many parts on earth moving machines

ArmorGalv provides protection from corrosion as well as high wear environments

ArmorGalv protects railway fastening systems across Europe

ArmorGalv provides long term protection for railway fasteneing systems

ArmorGalv protected seawall anchors

Seawall anchors are in a harsh marine environment with extreme abrasion on installation

ArmorGalv automated plant

ArmorGalv plant designed to coat 10ft conduit tubes

Armorgalv protected steering arms on Marine engines

High corrosion resistance for marine engines

UL approved ArmorGalv protection for solar panels

ArmorGalv protects mounting hardware on solar panel installations.

Armorgalv protects tracking parts on solar panels

Tracking system on solar panels benefits from ArmorGalv anti galling and corrosion protection properties

ArmorGalv protects mining equipment

ArmorGalv is used extensively in mining applications

ArmorGalv protects US Army landing craft

Anchor chains and bow chanins are protected with ArmorGalv on US Army fleet of landing craft (LCU)

ArmorGalv protects US Navy hovercraft

Equipment on board US Navy hovercraft is protected. It is the Navies' harshest corrosion environment

ArmorGalv protects steel hardware on bridge

San Pablo River bridge in Jacksonville Florida has steel hardware protected with ArmorGalv

ArmorGalv protects gas fittings and hardware

A.Y McDonald supplies ArmorGalv protected gas supply hardware