ArmorGalv® Downloads


Florida DOT test

Report by Florida DOT on rebar

B117 test by Kortick MFG

Side by side comparison test of various systems

ArmorGalv hardness test

Shows microhardness of ArmorGalv phases

Hydrogen embrittlement

Test of heat treated Grade 8 bolts for HE

UL test MID 002

UL test conducted for solar energy hardware

UL test MID 005

UL testing for solar energy hardware

French Government testing of Armorgalv

Official French Government cyclic test for Automotive - ArmorGalv exceeds max. requ. by 50%

Dade county test ArmorGalv on nails

Dade County approval testing of roofing and sheething mails

5000 Hr salt spray test

Results of B117 testing after 5000 hrs.

ArmorGalv Dyco test

ArmorGalv test of Automotive paint adhesion

Benseler automotive door hinge

Test of Automotive door hinge

Benseler Automotive spring clips

Benseler test of automotive spring clip

Benseler automotive body parts

Benseler - test of Automotive body parts

Benseler - automotive bolts

Test of engine compartment bolts

Benseler Automotive screws

Test of automotive screws

NAS test ArmorGalv for Rebar

National Academy of science test report

ArmorGalv - abrasion resistance

real life test

Armorgalv Test summary IDEA program - National Academy of Science


Florida DOT test final update

Armorgalv @10,700 hrs Salt spray

AG Enhanced 5000hr test

ArmorGalv Enhanced - 7000 Hr. salt spray

ArmorGalv comparison to Brand-X

Laboratory comparison


Oil industry sour gas test

ArmorGalv Industry Specifications

Coating Specification Mercedes

Specification for Armorgalv coating on rivets

Armorgalv Pole line hardware specification

AG3000 specification on pole line hardware

VW/Audi TDG specification

Specification for engine bolts on VW/Audi cars

GE specification for TDG

GE specification for High Temperature TDG coating on screws.

ArmorGalv specification on Jacksonville bridge

Part of specification for refurbishing of San Pablo River bridge in Jacksonville, FL.

Atkore Unistrut Defender is protected with ArmorGalv

Technical information on Atkore Unistrut Defender products, coated by ArmorGalv licensees

DSI Australia - ArmorGalv for mining

ArmorGalv used as solution in mining

ArmorGalv major approvals

Approvals and specifications by major industry and govenment

ArmorGalv product designations

official designations of different coating levels

Updated major user list

ArmorGalv major users

Technical reports and articles

Chem-Plate white paper

White paper on ArmorGalv fasteners in the automotive industry

Spirol White paper

White paper on Armorgalv coated specialty fasteners in automotive applications

Chem-Plate sustainability award

Chem-Plate Awarded for ArmorGalv process

HDG environmental impact

compare DDG & ArmorGalv

Not your father's Thermal diffusion

ArmorGalv anomaly


ArmorPlex explained

Presentations and brochures

Infrastructure brochure

Two page brochure on Armorgalv solution for infrastructure

ArmorGalv poster - Marine applications

ArmorGalv Marine -Printing quality

ArmorGalv solution to fasteners overtapping in Oil industry

Solution to overtapping issues on Oil industry fasteners

ArmorGalv solution for rebar

Two page brochure on Armorgalv for rebar

EPA study on TDG -

EPA study concludes, Armorgalv plant is close to zero emission plant

ArmorGalv article in FT

Article in Fastener Technology magazine on Armorgalv

R.Admiral Eccles Keynote address in Megarust 2014

Admiral Eccles identifies a\Armorgalv as part of the solution

ArmorGalv for nails

ArmorGalv for nails brochure

ArmorGalv - maintenance free infrastructure brochure

ArmorGalv for infrastructure

ArmorGalv enhanced AG5000

Raising the bar

ArmorGalv presentation - PPSX

updated ArmorGalv presentation

ArmorGalv presentation - PDF print

New ArmorGalv presentation - PDF

ArmorGalv presentation

ArmorGalv presentation PDF-Email

ArmorBar brochure

ArmorGalv rebar solution

ArmorBar brochure

ArmorGalv rebar solution


The Armorgalv solution for wood fasteners


ArmorGalv solution for industrial fasteners